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James Bennett – Run With The Hunted

Light and rolling, James Bennett’s new album Run With The Hunted is like a sparkling musical punch. A self-taught musician, the heart of Bennett’s album is an easy-going smile, it seeks approval from no one and charms its listeners with effortless presentation.

Bennett experiments according to his whim, moving into an upbeat tune as his feelings dictate. Fake Feathers is a bouncing accent to an emotionally grounded album. The effect of the combination is soothing on the listener, patting their stresses on the arm, shrugging at their difficulties with comradery.

Run With The Hunted is for Sunday mornings at home, pushing the corners of the listeners mouth up as they potter around the house preparing themselves for the week. It is a understanding and it is contentment, it is momentary freedom from a fast paced technological world.


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