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Hype you can believe in

Hypmotive's gallery wall. Photo: supplied

Unusual and unique items abound at Hypmotive, an artisan community hub based in vibrant Marrickville. For pompom jewellery to tote bags with astronauts on them or prints of labradors, look no further than Hypmotive. The business is the brainchild of Jake and Renee Russo, who describe the space as “part retail, part gallery and part coffee shop.” The marketplace isn’t limited to locals, though- Hypmotive also has an online store similar to Etsy, with clothes, accessories, homewares and art shipped out to customers directly from the creators themselves.

Back in 2014, the Russos decided that although their lifestyles were “enjoyable”, they wanted to “make a change”. After their first year as a married couple, they took a mini break up the coast in a beach shack, meditating and reassessing their lives. They eventually decided to move to Sydney, living in Annandale, and had the idea for Hypmotive after moving to Annandale and chatting to stallholders at local markets on weekends.
“We were intrigued by the people at the markets and the stories behind them, their craft and their art, and we wondered what sort of affordable opportunities they had to grow their business outside of the markets,” the pair say on the Hypmotive website.

They knew they’d found the perfect location when they discovered Marrickville in the city’s inner west, which already has a thriving creative scene.
“Here was a place with a lot of history and cultural diversity. It has been known as the manufacturing hub of Sydney, filled with artisans in food and various trades in making product and over the years, the culture has developed making Marrickville an incredibly rich artistic community with many studios and workshops throughout the streets – it was just that you had to go on a treasure hunt to discover it for yourself.
“It was around this time, we thought that maybe a platform to service the creative community was where we could apply our skills to, that would satisfy one of the desires we had come to realise that day at the beach shack, of working in a more heart-led and centred practice with purpose.”

Hypmotive serves as a creative hub open to all members of the community – the space plays host to art exhibitions, talks and activities, making it the perfect place to simply hang out and meet new people.
“We didn’t just want to recreate a retail shop or a gallery or an events space. We wanted to create a hub. A place where everyone can experience and explore creativity in various forms and where we celebrate people. A place where we get to know more of the story behind the creators and the process. A place to experience and explore tech and traditional art forms. We wanted to create a collective, for it to be eclectic and always interesting. So this is the Hypmotive hub, where you can shop, meet, hang & discover. It’s your hub.”

So come pick up your own one of a kind piece, support up-and-coming brands and immerse yourself in all that the Sydney creative scene has to offer.
155 Marrickville Road, Marrickville. 0422 765 650.

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