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Good Time

Good Time is a dark and thrilling crime drama directed by the Safdie Brothers. The film left audiences raving after it featured this year at Cannes, Melbourne and Sydney Film Festivals.

Set in the shadows of New York City, the film follows Connie Nikos (Robert Pattinson) after his younger brother Nick (Ben Safdie) lands in jail when the pair fail a bank robbery. On the run and trying to rescue his brother, Connie continues on a downward spiral of unexpected situations and violence. With time running out and the police getting closer his brothers safety and own life hang in the balance.

Good Time held an eerie and uncomfortable feel that subsided only with suspense, which is what made it so damn good. A brilliant and engaging performance by Patterson, worlds apart from the roles he is famous for. The film is a visual experience that is worth the watch.


Reviewed by Riley Hooper.

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