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2 One Another

Created in 2012 and having travelled across the globe, the highly acclaimed, multi-award-winning show, 2 One Another, is coming home to Sydney for its 100th Anniversary.

Audiences are drawn into a new world created on stage, exploring human interaction and relationships. Choreographer Rafael Bonachela said,

“If I look at the title 2 One Another, I have my own three interpretations of it – 2: a couple, One: the individual and Another: a group… that’s one of my thinking’s in the work and how all of those arrangements interact with each other. There’s also the idea of how we as people relate to one another and my third one is the journey from one world to another…”

Bonachela incorporated poetry into his work, adding another dimension to the performance to take the audience on an emotional journey. The stage design reflects with a LED screen covering the entire back stage with the effects and colours progressing as the performance goes on.

“When I talk about moving from one world to another… there is beautiful imagery happening as the choreography happens… the show in the first 45 minutes is very monotone in colour, almost black and white. Then during the last quarter of the work, we enter and discover this world of colour and warmth and lusciousness,” Bonachela said.

Each audience member will take their own meaning away from the performance, being prompted to experience and connect with the performance in their own unique way.

“I never make work where I’m telling people what to think and what to feel… that’s the wonderful thing about contemporary dance, it’s not a prescribed journey but it’s a work of art, it’s a performance that you can experience… to be able to bring it back to our home in Sydney is a very beautiful journey.” Bonachela said.

Oct 5-14. Roslyn Packer Theatre, 22 Hickson Road, Walsh Bay. $20-$94+b.f. Tickets & Info:

By Jade Morellini.

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