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The Winter’s Tale

Photo: Peta Addy

“We go along to Shakespeare never quiet knowing what you’re going to get, which is one of the points of going to Shakespeare. It’s like a circus, you don’t know what to expect but you always hope you’re going to experience something that will stimulate and surprise you.”

Produced by Secret House, a Shakespeare classic, The Winter’s Tale has been brought to life. It will be showing at The Depot Theatre from September 29 with director, Sean O’Riordan giving us some insight into the production.

“Childhood, innocence and playground friendships are subtextual themes throughout the play”

The story explores the many aspects of human relationships, filled with emotional pools of love, jealousy, revenge and passion. A tragic romantic comedy with a twist.

“The childhood of the two main kings inspired me to make the beginning of the show a kind of childhood reference, which I won’t say too much about, it will be a surprise for the audience. The characters may be adults but the kids are still inside”

The two-part structured play follows the King of Sicily as he is convinced that his wife is carrying his best friend’s child, causing him to destroy his family and friendships. The second part is set sixteen years later, acting out arguably one of the best endings in literature.

“When I’m doing Shakespeare, I find I have to reinterpret the meaning because the text is often very dense and obscure. By cutting things out I’m able to find the play within…” explained O’Riodan before adding, “The hurdle with this play is that it starts as a tragedy/drama and then turns into a comedy. How do you reconcile a real tragic start with a pastoral comedy at the end? There are quiet a few puzzles, how you’re going to solve those is where your imagination comes in.”

Sep 27-Oct 7. The Depot Theatre, 142 Addison Rd, Marrickville. $22-$32+b.f. Tickets & Info:

By Riley Hooper 

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