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The Emoji Movie

The Emoji Movie is an animated film which follows the story of Gene (voiced by T.J. Miller). Gene is an emoji with multiple expressions, unlike his single-expression counterparts. After failing at his job as an emoji, Gene sets out on a quest to fit in with the other emojis by eliminating all the emotions he feels, other than “meh,” all the while making friends and learning valuable life lessons along the way.

Along the way Gene learns to defy social norms with confidence in order to stay true to himself, whilst all of the other characters learn a lesson on the value of loyalty and friendship.

Though The Emoji Movie may not seem to boast substance, the film addresses many important issues, such as social-conformity, sexism, and our society’s dependence on smart phones and social media.

The film is both witty and delightful, and in our technology-driven society, The Emoji Movie is the perfect film for all ages.


Reviewed by Taylor Martin

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