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REVIEW: Bob Downe – Love Boat Cruise

Reviewed by Lynda Wehipeihana MUSIC EXECUTIVE

BOB DOWNE (the comic creation of Mark Trevorrow) Australian comedian/entertainer performed a good show on Friday night on Sydney Harbour the Rhythmboat – Love Boat Cruise.

Bob has been entertaining us since the 1980s, you may remember Bob as the menswear salesman ‘Darryl’ in TV series Kath and Kim and The Bob Downe Show.

Known for being The Prince of Polyester, Downe entertained and engaged with the audience and had us eating out of his hands each time he performed his dorky dancing, geek gestures, and strategic deep throat singing pretending not to know the lyrics, which was hilarious. The audience was forgiving of Mark’s character’s borderline racist comments, as only he could get away with by moving to other dorky gestures so that we would forget about what had just been said.

Bob Downe’s Love Boat Cruise show was belly laughing funny.

Later in the evening during the ABBA show Downe performed a few songs.

Bob Downe is worth seeing and is performing a series of shows on Sydney Harbour the Rhythmboat throughout September and until October 25.

Tickets & Info: or Ph: 1300 551 804 Cruise leaves from No. 6 King Street Wharf.

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