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Mikhael Paskalev – Heavy

The second album from Norwegian indie rock maestro Mikhael Paskalev continues to explore a wide array of musical styles, blending them together much more smoothly than expected.

Throughout the 11 track offering Paskalev blends 80s pop with new disco and electro-pop elements. With so many varied styles this record could very easily have become a convoluted mess but Paskalev has done a phenomenal job blending them together into one relatively seamless and catchy mix.

Opening track, Jet Plane, sets the record up as an easy listening fun one, but as it progresses Paskalev begins to explore deeper themes. The transition occurs gradually through the introduction of dark 80s-esque synths to accompany the change in lyrical theme.

This is an enjoyable offering but one which ultimately doesn’t have a standout track that will stand the test of time.


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