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Food Court – Good Luck

Food court’s new album Good Luck is fast.

Quick in delivery and quick in recording come the band’s eleven new tracks. They’re style is nostalgic of simple energy driven music, invigorating fans with their immediate connection, untainted and unpolished, nothing separating them from each other.

Heartache and mistakes roll through the feet forward melody, shot through with a thread of positivity. The music bounces along with light-hearted intensity, amiably following the skipping voices. The music is fun and feeling, vibing with its unseen audience, connecting the band members in universal storylines through their instruments.

Food court’s eagerly anticipated album is an easy-going, rambling combination of young innocence and understanding, the kind of music that is not for particular moods or particular people, it will easily change the minds of the unsure and the moods of the morose.


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