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Feathered and Fierce

Feathered and Fierce is showing at the Sydney Fringe Festival – it’s a dance show, but not as it’s ever been seen before.

Mixing dance and physical theatre, the show is taking audiences behind the glamour and the glitz of dance. It shares the intense training and all the sweat that goes into it, inviting audiences to see the lives of the dancers outside the spotlight. Producer, Lauren Eisinger said:

“We do this through dance, through theatre, through the conventions of a performance… So, it’s lifting the veil on the regular glitz and glamour of performing, allowing you to see the world that’s behind it.”

The music is a significant aspect of the show, using a mix of Latin rhythms and modern tunes that audiences will recognise, prompting them to get involved in the show.

“It’s a really immersive experience… audiences are going to have a fantastic time, just a really joyful time… We have eight lovely dancers on stage and it’s really personal so you’ll feel like you’ve made eight best friends and that we are sharing something special with them,” Eisinger said.

With a diversity of dancers from difference backgrounds, they’ve encouraged them to bring their history to the performance, with inclusions of some ballet and hip hop.

“There’s not a lot of places where you can find true examples of Latin culture; as a community, it’s really strong in Sydney but it’s not something that people outside of the community might have experienced so I’m really excited to bring that kind of a world, the Latin world, to the Sydney art scene in a way that lots of theatre goers might not have experienced…” Eisinger concluded.

Until Sep 9. HPG Festival Hub Stage One, 225 Euston Rd, Alexandria, Sydney. Tickets $22-$25.Tickets & info:

By Jade Morellini

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