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Damien Drew – Wabi-Sabi

The Japanese concept of Wabi-Sabi is an appreciation of a transient and understated beauty in the modest, imperfect, ephemeral or decayed. Damien Drew’s exhibition expresses this notion through his perspective of modern day Japan.

With his history working on films such as Alien Covenant, Superman Returns, Star Wars, The Great Gatsby and The Matrix. Drew has an incredibly keen eye and sense for storytelling through the visual medium. As such Wabi-Sabi is unique in that rather than telling a story within an individual image he instead pairs images together thus inviting the viewer to consider the details and qualities in the paired scenes that otherwise may have been inconspicuous, congruent or contrasting.

Whilst the pairing of images together ask the viewer to consider them together each individual image is still captivating and conveys its own message.

Until Sep 24, 10am-6pm. Black Eye Gallery, 3/138 Darlinghurst Rd, Darlinghurst. Info:

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