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If you’ve ever played the Call Of Duty (COD) video games you know just how powerful the shotgun can be as a weapon thanks to it’s scattershot impact at close range but for efficient performance a more refined weapon is needed. This analogy carries over perfectly into the new independent documentary looking at the COD franchise and it’s rise to global video game domination.

Throughout the 90 minutes writer/director Jonathan Beales explores all aspects of the COD franchise, from the foundations of the initial production studio, Infinity Ward, to the expansion with new studios coming on board, the evolution of the franchise from WWII to Modern Day to future warfare and finally the advent of eSports.

Unfortunately though by taking this approach it is difficult for Beales to spend any significant time on any one area. Thus the film is very top level and even brushes aside the two most pivotal moments in the franchises life cycle, the controversy surrounding violence in Modern Warfare 2 & the abrupt firing of Infinity Ward heads Vince Zampella and Jason West by publisher Activision.

Sadly this leaves the film feeling more like a fan film or ‘COD for Beginners’ rather than a deep insightful documentary.


CODumentary is now available on streaming services, Steam & DVD.

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