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Bryan Brown returns to the screen in this gritty, raw and very powerful film which is sure to captivate and confront audiences.

Set in Brisbane, the city swelters in record high temperatures as celebrations advance on this iconic national public holiday. However, the lives of three Australians from ethnic backgrounds (a Chinese girl, an Indigenous girl and an Iranian boy) are in turmoil, as they experience persecution, brutality and discrimination.

Bryan Brown is enthralling as a failed farmer who comes to the aid of an indigenous girl, an act of kindness which has incredibly harsh ramifications.

Shari Sebbens (The Sapphires) is the standout performer as an Indigenous police woman, fighting hard for her community who is met with disharmony and asked by her people “are you blue or are you black?”

The story is set over twelve hours and the cultural tension builds steadily with so much anger and torment unleashed upon these pivotal characters which leads to a few shocks, a tragic climax and new beginnings. (MMo)


In select cinemas Sep 21-Oct 4 and Premium On Demand Sep 27-Nov 14