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Moviegoers who enjoyed the slow-moving but highly acclaimed films Sicario and Hell Or High Water won’t be disappointed in the final of the trilogy.

Oscar nominated Jeremy Renner plays the role of Corey Lambert, a town’s veteran game tracker who aids an FBI agent (Elizabeth Olsen) in the investigation of the rape and murder of a young woman who resided on a Native American reservation.

Audiences aren’t offered any clues as to who committed the crime, but merely follow the tedious and drawn out investigation which leads to an unpredictably violent and justifiable finale, where the law of man relents to the law of nature.

Inspired by true events, the tragic and violent death of the woman unfolds through flashbacks and the film gives an astonishing insight into the horrors American Indian women experience while residing on these reservations, where drugs, alcohol and crime are prevalent.

It’s unknown exactly how many America Indian women are currently missing and this film, which boasts mesmerising cinematography of snow-filled mountainous landscapes and an evocative musical score, is a tribute to these lost souls. (MMo)


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