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Triggerfinger – Colossus

The newest album from Triggerfinger is an intentional mix of a raw energy and experimentation, it strives to differentiate itself from the bands earlier work and it makes a quagmire of musical feels in the process. The listener can feel their shoulders start to move in the gut hitting groove, twisting from the inside out and holding them, dancing in place.

It’s thick and sticky like musical molasses, resulting from unfettered time and freedom in their own space. Groove on groove makes the listener crave it, they have no desire to free themselves from the hold the record places over them. They would imbibe until their brain was filled with nothing else, mentally digesting it slowly and feverishly until they could physically take no more.

Colossus is a positive result of creative freedom and active destruction of inhibition, resulting in a melting, sticky mass of mental candy.


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