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The Gulf

Lume Productions are bringing an intimate new performance to Australian Theatre, hoping to immerse audiences into Audrey Cefaly’s play The Gulf.

Lovers Kendra (Diana Popovska) and Betty (Brenna Harding) are alone in the Alabama Delta, searching for red fish on a summer evening. Stranded on a boat together, they are forced to confront their differences and untangle the issues they’re faced with. Actress for Betty, Brenna Harding said,

“It’s a really beautiful love story about two women… they are at the point in their relationship where they know each other really well, but there’s a restlessness, with each starting to want something different out of life… there’s a lot of joy but there’s also a lot of tension.”

With a lesbian relationship at the heart of the play, The Gulf is an honest representation of the challenges all relationships can endure, no matter the sexuality. Director, Mia Lethbridge explained,

“It’s an exploration of two human beings trying to navigate their way through being in love… the focus is off their sexuality and more on the emotions that connect us all as human beings, so that’s an aspect that I really wanted to shine through.”

Producing the play independently, the team behind The Gulf are excited to share the story they have created over the past few months.

“I’d really love for audiences to fall in love with the play and the characters the same way that Diana and I have, I think we found such beauty in these characters and we find them so loveable in all their flaws and idiosyncrasies and I just hope that audiences will come completely on the journey with us throughout the 60 minutes that we are on stage.” Harding said.

Until Sep 5. Flow Studios, 57 Denison St, Camperdown. $25-$35. Tickets and info:

By Jade Morellini

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