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The Bombay Royale – Run Kitty Run

Run Kitty Run is a spicy mix of exotic integration.

The third studio album of The Bombay Royale packs an array of culture and musical techniques into each song, jamming them with psychedelic fanfare and juxtaposition.

Each track thrusts into the listeners mind, stamping fantastic, fun, fabulous and other exciting words into the listener who is defenceless against the intensity hurling towards them.

Each track is catchy, lusting after movement and instilling the listener with new musical experiences. A spacey vibe weaves its way through, placing the listener on their own frontier ready for the jump.

Experimentation extends through the energetic power punch flinging out vibes in all directions, pushing with no break or avail. Listeners are advised that their ears and their eyes may be opened in sampling the most recent offering from The Bombay Royale.


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