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The Big Sick

A screenplay of the most formative years of their relationship, Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon bring The Big Sick to screens around Australia. It is a romantic comedy tackling love across intercultural borders.

Kumail is a Pakistani stand up comedian who meets Emily, an American graduate student at one of his shows. Both the dialogue and script have a natural fluidity to them which make the viewer feel as though they are getting an intimate insight into the real-life relationship of the couple. It is a personal look into the clear bond that is shared by the two.

A defining motion and cinematic climax comes when Emily and Kumail are forced to face the challenging reality of coming to terms with the traditional values held by his Islamic Pakistani family. They must question the future of their life as a couple as Kumail finds himself torn between their blossoming relationship and his parents.

When Emily is struck down with illness and falls into a coma, Kumail begins to develop an unlikely bond with her parents. The character development throughout the film is both humorous and intelligent, leaving the viewer to be both entertained and challenged. This is a film that counters cultural prejudices in an effortlessly humorous way.

The film is charming and sweet and doesn’t leave you with any ounce of bitterness.


Reviewed by Ellouise Bailey

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