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Terminator 2: Judgement Day in 3D

One thing that can be said about technology is that it can do wonders in making a by-gone time come wonderfully to life. Terminator 2: Judgement Day in 3D is not unique, and the first reaction is that leave classics be. But the 3D aspect somehow manages to bring to life the Arnold Schwarzenegger of yesterdays, and this is a welcome change.

The classic Judgement Day movie is here, all presented in a mesmerising 3D format. It’s good to watch the movie for nostalgia, and should be a pleasant experience for ardent fans. The conversion however is not as smooth as a movie being shot entirely in 3D would be, and it feels forced at times. But what the heck – this iconic movie (and still probably the best in the Terminator series) comprising of some of the best action scenes ever filmed is here to entice audiences once again. Watch it for a young in-your-face Arnie!


Reviewed by Joseph Rana.

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