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Shaman’s Harvest – Red Hands Black Deeds

First impressions aren’t always true. This album from Shaman’s Harvest; Red Hands Black Deeds, held a musical mix with plenty of surprising tones against its darker presentation.

Unorthodox instruments from differing origins go into the musical brew, it simmers and bubbles adding subtlety and fun to some of the stronger tones. Shaman’s Harvest reach out from their rocking base, pulling in a number of ideas and working them together, sparking a warm response in the listener while creating something new and interesting.

The listener has room to move in the album, sampling the healthy sized tastes on offer without having to endure an hour-long meal. The band doesn’t stick very strongly to a single genre in any of these tracks, ending up with a playful blend that would find a home in a variety of ears.


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