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Rhys Darby – Mystic Time Bird

Rhys Darby is flying down under, bringing his brand-new show Mystic Time Bird to the Enmore Theatre.

Engaging audiences with physical comedy to share his personal stories, he explores the world as it is today and looks at how things have changed rapidly in the last ten years. Comedian Rhys Darby said:

“The narrative follows the idea that we live and live again and I have lived many lives all of which previously have been one of a bird, so this is my first human life… My mother passed away last year so I’ve started to think a lot about the differences in life now to when she was alive… Amongst all of that heavy seriousness it’s just a whole bunch of ridiculous, very silly physical stand up.”

With a strong love for comedy since his childhood, Darby uses his comedic talent to tackle important topics and concerns of the changing world and he shares stories from his life in America and New Zealand.

“Life in general seems to be different because of the world we’re living in now, there’s a lot of fear from terrorist attacks and it’s about keeping faith in humanity through all of that. So, it’s got a good meaning to it,” Darby said.

Having spent at least a year and a half preparing the show, Darby promises continuous laugher amongst the crowd.

“They’ll be laughing at me constantly because of my stories and what they’re seeing me do on stage… My physical comedy and my characterisation – I think that’s the kind of skills that people will walk away being astounded by… I just hope everyone enjoys it,” Darby concluded.

Aug 18. Enmore Theatre, 118-132 Enmore Rd, Newtown. Tickets & info:

By Jade Morellini

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