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Raised By Eagles – I Must Be Somewhere

I Must Be Somewhere keeps a slow and considered pace throughout the album. Raised By Eagles plays leisurely through the ten tracks, committing to the time and the place, allowing the listener to commit to it too.

From start to finish, the album slows down the time inside and outside of it, making it difficult for the listener to move or think more quickly than the set pace. Sadness prevails, trailing through the songs, each spiked with regret against a constant beat.

Themes of gambling and love shine through, telling a story of which the listener already knows the outcome. Persistently downbeat, the album is mood affecting, bringing the listener into their story, shaping their perception and colouring their response with the darker shades.

The band helps the listener out of the album with a tone lift, songs like these are deep and build on that depth when played consecutively. Should be used sparingly.


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