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Maricelle – Love Drunk

Love Drunk is poppy yet atmospheric. It is romantic yet sad. It is control and play.

Maricelle’s EP is a blend of styles, mixing a large serve of pop with airy atmosphere. At times there are hard breaks dotted through the music and at others a hint of jazz sneaks in. The resulting electricity is not just surrounded, but poked and prodded by its own ambiance.

Her eclectic influences don’t take turns in shining through, instead fighting each other for their share in each millisecond. Over the top, Maricelle’s voice takes centre, rising out and running down the sides of each piece with freedom and ethereal presence.

Her EP tells a story in small pieces of love, one person is hooked on another but the feeling is not necessarily mutual. Maricelle has built up her creative work through much study and it shows in Love Drunk. (SP)


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