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Logan Lucky

Remember the days when movies were simple and fun, easy to follow with no overtly brooding characters whose conscience was tearing them apart even though nothing really was that screwed up (read Batman, Iron Man, any Christopher Nolan character)?

Ever miss the simplicity and artistic excellence of a heist movie like Dog Day Afternoon? If you do, Logan Lucky is a respite in a year that’s been marked with all-bark, no-bite storylines.

Ringing true in classic Steven Soderbergh imagery, Logan Lucky is a Southern-style crime farce reminiscent of all the good bits from his earlier Ocean’s Trilogy. Made superbly easy to watch, Logan Lucky sees a delightfully different Daniel Craig stealing the show. Both Adam Driver and Channing Tatum have delivered fine performances, though it is their sister (played by Riley Keough) that outshines the duo and acts as the backbone of the outfit.

The story bounces back and forth between a small town in West Virginia and a NASCAR race track in North Carolina, and sees the oddball mix of characters plan to steal the motorway cashflow. It’s not Steven Soderbergh’s best, but is far better than any heist movie in a long time. Featuring a hilariously executed jail stand-off scene between prisoners and guards, Logan Lucky is not to be missed.


Reviewed by Joseph Rana.

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