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Duets with Georgie Parker & Todd McKenney

Todd McKenney and Georgie Parker, two of the most revered and respected names in Australian entertainment, unite for their first concert tour next week.

The gifted pair shares a mutual love of music and dance and have nurtured a strong friendship, encompassing 32 years.  Meeting initially in a dance class, their careers took off in different directions, denying them the chance to work together until they starred in the musical production, Crazy For You more than 20 years ago. Duets is their first opportunity to take the stage together in their own standalone concert tour, singing, dancing and performing a wide range of their favourite duets.

Having not performed a musical or singing role in 20 years Georgie Parker said, “it’s interesting getting back into it for this show, Todd and I both said before we started though it would only be worthwhile if it was fun.”

With Todd and Georgie being friends for so long that has certainly helped foster that sense of fun in the lead up to the show, with both having very positive things to say about each other.

“When Georgie and I get together, we have so much fun – we laugh and laugh!  We’ve been itching to get together for a tour and can’t wait for these shows.  Whilst Georgie is widely recognised as an incredible actress, she’s actually one of this country’s best-kept secrets as a singer, she has the most amazing voice.” said McKenney.

“We’ve worked together before and trained together so working with him has always been a very pleasurable thing. Todd is enormously talented and a very intelligent guy. We just get on and work so well together so it’s a pleasure to do.” said Parker.

Looking ahead to the show Parker explained that audiences should expect a night filled with an “enormous amount of energy and a lot of songs that you can singalong to and enjoy.”

Obviously jumping back into a music focused show after 20 years Parker is confident but also slightly apprehensive as she explained with a self-deprecating giggle that the show has “an amazing band and there’s going to be some great singing, hopefully some of which will come from Todd and myself.”

Aug 19. State Theatre, 49 Market St, Sydney. $69-$99+b.f. Tickets & Info:

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