Best of Sydney 2017


Lay back and let your worries float away at Forever Floating Health Spa. Located centrally on Oxford Street, this hydrotherapy session is a must for anyone looking for an escape from the humdrum of city life. Bodily suspension in salt water has been clinically proven to reduce muscle pain and relax the mind. At Forever Floating Health Spa, $49 will buy you a 75 minute ‘float’ in a private salt bath. Shaped like a tanning bed, the tanks at Forever Floating are heated to an acquiescent 34.5 degrees and are designed to silence outside noise, allowing for some tranquil time out. While being suspended for over an hour in a kind of intergalactic space bath may not sound like everyone’s cup of tea, the staff at Forever Floating are friendly, reassuring and equipped to address any concern you made have. Go on, give it a try. It might just float your boat.

50 Oxford St, Paddington. 7901 1210.