Best of Sydney 2017

Best of Sydney 2017

Best of Sydney 2017

Best of Sydney 2017


We’re never tourists in our own cities, but perhaps we ought to be. Often there are things that stop us in our tracks — a snazzy bit of street art down a hidden lane; a perfect bowl of noodles with just the right amount of bite; the sky looking a certain way at a certain time of the day as the sun sets over the harbour; a dirty ibis crouched on top of a bin, pecking at the remnants of lunch. 

Best of Sydney is a celebration of the things we love and the things we are yet to stumble across. In saying that, this issue is really just a gentle nudge down one of the many paths you could use to navigate our city. There are galleries to visit, shows to watch, coffee to consume and stories to be told beyond what can be contained in these pages.   

Entering our 22nd year here at City Hub, it’s a real pleasure to be able to take a moment to appreciate what our city has got to give. So get out there and do something new. Take a nap in a park, sit on a bench and eat somewhere different. There is creativity, there are ideas, there is art being made and there are people incredibly passionate about what they do — you’ve just got to look!


Shon Ho

Contributors: Alison McCann, Millie Roberts, Chantelle Yeung, Alison Xiao, Vamshika Bakshi, Konrad Ryzak, Aparna Balakumar, Lachlan McKirdy, Georgia Clark, Lydia Bilton, Ellouise Bailey, Alex Eugene.

Cover and icon art: Ann Ding.



Best Places to Eat 2017
Best Dumplings

Best Japanese
Best Pasta
Best Chinese
Best Pie
Best Cheap Eat
Best Family Run Pizza Joint
Best Nosh With a View
Best Acai Bowl
Best Vegan
Best Date Night
Best Argentinian
Best Hong Kong Style Diner
Best Gelato
Best High Tea
Best Gozleme
Best Banh Mi
Best Pub Food
Best Egyptian
Best Gourmet Pizza
Best Ramen
Best Afternoon Treat
Best Iconic Coffee Hangout
Best Big Breakfast
Best Cheesecake
Best New York Style Pizza
Best American Style Burger



Best Drinks 2017
Best Art & Alcohol

Best Local Pub
Best Cocktails
Best Coffee
Best Green Boost
Best Bar With a Theme
Best Beer
Best Milk Tea
Best Wine
Best Karaoke Bar
Best Dive Bar
Best Tea
Best Rooftop Bar
Best Hot Chocolate



Best Places to Play 2017
Best Standup
Best Picnic Spot
Best Ice Rink
Best Independent Theatre
Best Funky Night Out
Best Place to Float
Best Theatre Company
Best Day Trip
Best Afternoon Nap
Best Rainy Day Romp
Best Family Day Out
Best Trivia
Best Cinema
Best Indigenous Art
Best Walk
Best Bouldering
Best Gallery
Best Bangers
Best Creative Hub



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Best Shopping 2017

Best Fashion Thrifting
Best Creative Hub

Best Chocolate
Best Cheese Shop
Best Wine Retailer
Best Knitting Supplies
Best Vegetarian Butcher
Best Florist
Best Art Supply
Best Treasure Trove
Best Bookstore
Best Antiques
Best Ethical Shopping
Best Farmers Markets
Best Stationery Store
Best Furniture
Best Cakes & Cupcakes
Best Markets
Best Buttons
Best Hats
Best European-Style Market






Best Services 2017
Best Barber
Best Boutique Accomodation
Best Independent School
Best Book Bindery & Repairs
Best Tatts
Best Hair Do
Best Pool & Fitness Centre
Best Cat Sanctuary
Best Pole Dancing & Aerials
Best Blacksmith
Best Community College
Best Dance Class
Best Financial Service
Best Telecommunications Service


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