Best of Sydney 2017


At Glebe Markets hawkers are fashionistas and a guy with a lush man bun grates fresh ginger into your cane juice. Navigate the community of white tents and through the hats, the cameras, the undercuts, the grandma sweaters, the skinny pants and the pointy brows, towards the vintage dresses, vintage cheeses and vintage records. This is not just a place for the youth as you’ll see the elderly holding hands and giggling families sink into the grass to absorb a folk quartet in the Sydney sunshine. Grab a fat chipotle burger after trying to slink into that Billie Holiday bejewelled gown (watch out for the missing diamantes) and instagram winsome violet cupcakes. Glebe Markets is a great opportunity to walk into the wardrobe of Australian designers, build up your collection of recycled collectable clutches made out of cork or embarrass yourself by asking what a tamale is. A trip to the Glebe Markets will be a perfect day out for anyone who enjoys the lazy glamour Sydney has to offer.

Glebe Public School, Glebe Point Rd. 0419 291 449.

By Vamshika Bakshi

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