Best of Sydney 2017


Ramblin’ Rascal Tavern is structurally no different from your average tavern: all exposed brick and padded booths. Yet the bar has gothic undertones, with wax-dripped booze and Ginger Taylor’s chalkboard illustrations lining the walls. Cocktails are their signature drinks  – try the Devil Makes 3, a twisted take on a dark ’n’ stormy. Ramblin’ Rascal is a bogan ode, riddled with dried wattle, $6 ‘shit tinnies’ and the mugs of test cricketers that hang proudly on the walls. The most patriotic gesture is perhaps the bare bottomed boot flag, featured in The Simpsons episode ‘Bart vs. Australia’. Pop in before 10pm to order Mary’s burgers upstairs. A large bell is rung to alert hungry patrons of their delivered food order. Plastered on the exit is an intricately painted reminder ‘don’t be a dick’. The mantra summarises Rascal’s lax, yet frank atmosphere.

199 Elizabeth St, Sydney.

By Millie Roberts

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