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Bernadette Robinson – The Show Goes On

Returning to her original roots as a singer, Bernadette Robinson, in collaboration with producer Harley Medcalf and Duet Productions, are bringing their brand-new show, The Show Goes On to the Sydney Opera House.

Tailing the success of her previous shows Songs For Nobodies and Pennsylvania Avenue, Robinson will perform her favourite hits from the greatest singers of the last 75 years, performing their perspective through real-life interviews of stars such as Judie Garland, Edith Piaf and Shirley Bassey. Singer and Actor, Bernadette Robinson said:

“My past two shows were mainly text-based and one thing I kept getting feedback on was that audiences wished I had more songs, so this one’s almost like a glorified concert to those great singers I paid homage to in the two plays earlier…”

The show follows these women, talking about their careers, their lives, vulnerable moments and highlights. Robinson embodies them all, with each singer having their own moment on stage so she can share their story.

“I really want to capture their quality… I want to sound like them, but I also try more to capture an essence or stylistic thing that they might have,” Robinson said.

The inspiration behind the name of her show was a song which expresses the power of critics and their ability to undermine the confidence of a performer.

“The reason the show is called The Show Goes On is because it’s a song by Bruce Hornsby… it is frightening, you always have to be worried about what the critics will say… so I sing that song almost as the narrator throughout the piece that connects them all up,” Robinson said.

Robinson aims to honour these singers and their songs, hoping to bring joy to the audiences.

“I want them to be moved and delighted and thrilled… I will rejuvenate their work by interpreting it as best I can… I think people will love it,” Robinson concluded.

Aug 25. Sydney Opera House – Playhouse, Bennelong Point, Sydney. $69-$109+b.f. Tickets & Info:

By Jade Morellini

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