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Craig Reid Photo: Tony Virgo

Studio 54 nightclub, Boogie Wonderland and an eclectic cast of talented performers including the Marcia Hines herself… need I say more?

The Aria nominated, award winning hit Velvet is glittering and shinning it’s way to Sydney to heat up the cold winter months.

It is a classic coming of age story with all the right ingredients. It will shock, surprise and gleam at every single moment. With an array of dazzling costumes, exhilarating acrobatic performers and a powerful set of vocal chords it is sure to be an incredibly spectacular show.

“Firstly, I was an audience member in Melbourne. A mate of mine came in and said, ‘I’ve just seen the best show ever!’ After that I went and saw the show and I just fell in love with it,” said Tom Oliver, who plays the lead male character in the show.

The story tells of a young man who steps into a nightclub and is guided on a journey of self discovery by a variety of unusual individuals.

Each of the musical numbers and performances tells a different tale and takes audience members on their own individual journey.

“It’s up to audiences to understand its meaning. What I first took from it is probably completely different to another person. It’s really hard to explain unless you’re there” said Oliver.

Velvet is sure to sparkle, glitter, shimmer, twinkle and wink its way through Sydney, so be there or be bland!

Until Aug 20, Various performance times., Roslyn Packer Theatre, $45-89, Tickets and Info: 

By Ellouise Bailey

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