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Unique retail concepts driving change

The new creative hub in Marrickville, Hypmotive. Credit: Supplied


In the heart of Marrickville, surrounded by a dense collection of creative studios and maker spaces, Hypmotive Hub have just opened their doors to deliver locally designed and made brands direct to the public.

The Hub is part of a unique new retail concepts to drive the growth of Sydney’s cultural scene, and to support the irreplaceable need for human interaction at a time when online shopping seems to be taking over. It also has the aim of supporting the growth of creative workers and local artists.

“This creative platform has been developed to service local artists, makers and brands, along with the city’s other creative counterparts. It’s a vital platform to help support the growth and sustainability of the creative industries in this city- which is the fastest growing industry sector in New South Wales,” said Renee Russo from Hypmotive Hub.

The new space provides a double sided opportunity: it allows creatives the chance to showcase their work and reap the rewards if the public likes it, but at the same time helps the creative industry maintain a “face to face” identity, which can be challenging in the age of the internet.

Ms Russo said Hypmotive Hub, for her, was a personal contribution to helping shape the local economy, but also a way to “curate our lives with more meaningful experiences and possessions.”

“The retail landscape is changing and these unique, non-traditional, retail and experience spaces, such as Hypmotive Hub, Makerspace & Co in Marrickville, and the creative spaces on Foley Street in Darlinghurst are part of the collective that are driving change to make Sydney a unique and creatively rich city,” Ms Russo said.

She said that the space was driven by a daily understanding of the local surroundings and the needs of the community.

Hypmotive Hub are now open at155 Marrickville Road, Marrickville. Check them out at, or on Facebook. hypmotive_hub

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