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Watch out kids – this school holidays the Monkey Baa Theatre Company is bringing to you a play full of heartwarming moments and laughter galore.

Oliver Phommavanh’s best selling novel Thai-riffic! is coming to stage, and he promises this to be a fun time out for children. “Lots of craziness and embarrassment from Lengy’s family and loads of belly laughs. You’ll be craving Thai food afterwards for sure!” enthuses Oliver.   

Thai-riffic! is the heartwarming story of Lengy, the son of Thai immigrants who own a namesake restaurant. The story goes on to detail Lengy’s experiences at high school as he desperately tries to transform his image, but ends up realising that his culture and past are something he can’t easily escape. And therein lies the story’s heart & humour. 

With elements from Oliver’s personal life, the story is relatable to the audiences. “I grew up in Australia, wanting to be normal and ‘fit in’, and I was also embarrassed by my family, who always wanted me to embrace more of my cultural background,” he says. 

The readers of the novel will find this adaption by Nathan Luff a unique experience. “Nathan has done a marvellous job in taking the heart and best elements of the book and mixing it into a new storyline,” tells Oliver. 

Besides being a laugh riot, it also has a universal message attached to it. “A lot of kids can relate to Lengy because he learns to accept and love his family’s quirks. There’s also a sense of finding your own identity and making your own mark, whether it’s in high school or in the world.”

For those who can’t have enough of this hilarious story, Oliver has recently released a new book, Super Con-nerd. 

Jul 4-8. Monkey Baa Theatre Company, 1-25 Harbour St, Sydney. $19-$125 (groups). Tickets & info:

By Joseph Rana

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