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PWA – Pro Wrestling Australia: Call To Arms

Hulk Hogan, The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin and John Cena became household names as wrestlers performing with the WWE, but they all had to begin somewhere. Pro Wrestling Australia (PWA) in recent years has established itself as the hotbed for rising Australian talent with multiple alumni of the company now performing with WWE.

PWA’s recent success is thanks to their longstanding legacy within Australia, next week in fact they celebrate their 10 year anniversary.

“To get to something this big and to know how hard the guys and girls have worked for it is a shining star for the passion they’ve all put into their trade” said Robbie Eagles, PWA Heavyweight Champion and trainer at the PWA Academy.

To mark the occasion PWA is welcoming international talent Will Ospreay who has plied his trade in some of the biggest companies around the globe such as New Japan Pro Wrestling and Ring Of Honor. As Eagles explained this is a rare move for the company, “Due to our geographical location it can be difficult to bring these types of performers over but we know how good the talent is here so we’re confident building around them.”

That confidence in the talent is certainly not unfounded given that PWA has had a number of talents go on to sign for the WWE and perform incredibly well there.

“Looking at our roster now it’s just a matter of time before WWE or New Japan need to fill a certain role and we know we already have that person ready and waiting.”

So even if you’re not a wrestling fan now PWA’s anniversary event next week could be the perfect show to hook you, and you never know you might see the next Stone Cold or John Cena before the rest of the world.

Aug 4, 8pm. Paddington RSL, 220-232 Oxford St, Paddington. $30. Tickets & Info:

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