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With the unfathomable worldwide viewership on YouTube, film-makers are opting to produce web-series, where with the right product, they can garner instant success which can lead to prosperous careers for all involved.

Sydney based queer web-series Plans, produced by Diana Popovska and Luke Wood, is destined to follow the success of Starting From….Now, another Australian produced web-series which amassed over 30 million views and was watched in over 230 countries.

Plans centres on Zia, an awkward and offbeat 18 year old who moves in with his cousin Trent and five housemates in Sydney’s inner-west. He plans to study medicine at university, but in the course of seven days his housemate’s influence will change his life.

The show which features seven pivotal characters, twenty supporting actors and one hundred extras, is obviously a labour of love having been produced with no external funds. Consisting of seven episodes, each with a running time of just under 15 minutes, the show deals with sex, violence, alcohol and substance addiction, love, wild partying and mental health issues.

This ground-breaking and character-driven show should appeal to a large audience, as the various sexual orientations of the characters represent a general cross section of the community. Alice and Koby are the classic heterosexual couple, Jay is homosexual and has a substance abuse addiction, Harper is in a lesbian relationship and Belle is sleeping with her university professor while stringing Trent along.

Dramatic with comedic elements, this bold web-series which stars Logie nominated actor Rahel Romahn as Zia, has seven stories unfolding over seven days. The honest depiction of life out west in this low-budget web-series should allure audiences who expect diversity and high production values in their programs. (MMo)

First episode debuted on YouTube on Sunday July 2 with new episodes to follow each Sunday thereafter.

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