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Michael Harvey – Honey

Sydney’s local artist Michael Harvey is a multi-instrumentalist and uses his sweet soulful singing voice to great effect. Dropping a new album titled Honey with a few gigs around town before heading to Europe, Harvey is a busy man who doesn’t fail to deliver his soothing tunes.

The first single also titled Honey sets the tone for the rest of the album, Harvey has an eclectic style that ranges from blues-rock, blue eyed soul to jazz-dub with each song on the album sprinkling in all these ingredients. From the infectious blues guitar playing on the song Sweet Taste to the instrumental dub flavoured track The Treehouse, it’s worth giving Honey a few spins.

As some of the songs are more singer/songwriter based I was hoping to hear more of Harvey’s multi-instrumental chops but overall it’s a decent effort and is a good soundtrack for a weekend getaway.


Reviewed by Daniel Jaramillo.


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