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Kitty Hopwood. Photo: Caroline Foldes

Written by American playwright Theresa Rebeck, Mauritius is coming to Sydney for the first time, entertaining audiences with a unique and intriguing story of obsession, desperation and betrayal.

Mauritius follows two sisters who inherit a stamp album, containing the holy grail of stamp collecting. These rare stamps are worth millions and this stirs up tension and disagreements between the two on whether or not to sell them. Momentum builds when three low life stamp collecting men get involved.

Associate producer Annette Freeman said, “It really is quite a tense and fascinating story, it is built around the rare stamps and how people will go to any length to get a hold of something that they really want.”

With a talented cast of only five characters, the intensity of their emotions and conflict on stage will grip audiences.

“Like any good night at the theatre, we’d love audiences to be entertained and to engage with the characters and to wonder what their motivations are and to be shocked and surprised at the twist at the end,” Freeman said.

In collaboration with the Australian Philatelic Society and various stamp enthusiasts around Sydney, Mauritius has many depths and is a rare concept never seen before.

“The story of the stamps – the rare stamp. I don’t know of another play or film that revolves around that particular idea, the idea of a very tiny, very rare and very precious object,” Freeman concluded.

Jul 12–29. New Theatre, 542 King Street, Newtown. $38-$32. Tickets & Info:

By Jade Morellini.