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Little Borders

The world is a stage and theatres help us to understand our environment. Theatrical productions highlight unique points of view about daily issues we ignore.

The Old 505 Theatre is thrilled to announce the opening of the world premiere of Little Borders. Written by Philip Kavanagh (2011 Patrick White Awarded).

Little Borders is a political, disturbing and timely premiere. This play is vital to understand the relationship between individuals and their community. Little Borders is an opportunity to mirror feelings and behaviours. The play portrays suburbs becoming microcosms with an increasing sense of distrust. Dominic Mercer, explained that Little Borders is: “A searing and satirical look at the boundaries we create and sustain to ensure our safety from a list of potential threats. Elle and Steve grow to represent a nation in fear of invasion from a menacing and threatening other.”

The display begins when Elle (the protagonist) can’t sleep. Elle hears noises at night. While the suspicions, the disruption and uncertainty increase. Elle and Steve are desperate to move into a gated community. They’re worried their neighbours might be planning something sinister. They wonder if the walls of the community will keep them safe?

Little Borders has a cast of some of Australia’s most accomplished actors including Lucy Goleby and Brandon McClelland.

July 4-15, Tue-Sat 8pm, Old 505 Theatre, 5 Eliza Street Newtown NSW 2042, Tickets & Info:

By Manuel Gonzalez

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