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Whilst a musician/producer today can find phenomenal success through single releases for radio often there will still be a piece of them that nags away for something more. For Sydney’s Kilter that nagging voice wanted an opportunity to fully express it’s voice without commercial constraints, which led to his new record Through The Distortion.

“For vocalists the lyrics are their voice whereas for a producer the textures and sonics that we create are our voice. So that was something I spent a lot of time and thought on” explained Kilter.

During the production process of Through The Distortion Kilter also chose to change the way he usually works when collaborating with vocalists. In the past much of his collaborative projects had been done remotely through email exchanges but for this record he actually got into the studio with the vocalists.

“Now that I’ve done it this way I’ve realised it really is the best way to work. When you’re doing something remotely you can get bogged down for months suggesting small changes and details whereas when you’re in the room with them there is an energy there and the process is much more spontaneous which also allows me to have more input into what the vocalist is doing.”

Despite just returning from a month long tour of the Unites States where he played a somewhat “stripped back” version of his live set Kilter is not slowing down as he prepares to close out his Australian tour with a hometown show this weekend.

“I wasn’t able to take the best possible Kilter show with me to the U.S. unfortunately but for this one there’s no stops held.” he explained excitedly, “I’ve been focusing on making it an experience to watch as it brings the album to life for the first time.”

If you’re unfamiliar with a Kilter live show it is far from a simple DJ set as he plays much of the music live, a process which he credits to his background as a traditionally trained musician.

“The live show is always in the back of my mind. For example when I’m writing I don’t program too much stuff in on the computer so when I get to certain parts of a song I’ll be thinking how am I going to perform this.”

Jul 8, 8pm. Max Watts, Entertainment Qtr, Building 220,122 Lang Rd, Moore Park. $23.50-$127.50. Tickets & Info:

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