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Sex sells, therefore it’s not difficult to comprehend why this provocative comedy was such a hit at the recent Spanish Film Festival.

Vibrant and intensively sexual the story surrounds the relationships and paraphilia of many couples, where open-minded movie-goers will inadvertently learn everything about sex which they were previously too afraid to ask.

From the opening scene audiences will be entertained (or more aptly shocked?) by the character’s candid verbal bombardments on sexual issues concerning orgasms, oral sex, masturbation and their strange sexual arousals from plants, men crying, robbery and even certain fabrics!

Occasionally comedic, these character’s sexual peculiarities may frequently be off-putting and far from arousing, as the writers have digressed from making audiences laugh through pure humour with dialogue which on many occasions classifies as verbal filth.

There’s nothing left to suggestion in this cinematic oddity which breaks boundaries, however, if audiences can magically leave their inhibitions at the door and ‘survive’ the opening 20 minutes, they may just be smitten by the attractive cast and a story with emerging themes of love and the importance of stable relationships. (MMo)


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