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Not to be confused with Stephen King’s supernatural horror masterpiece It, this dark and sinister film is arresting and should have audiences afraid of what may be lurking in the dark.

As the story unfolds, a flesh-eating virus of epidemic proportions is engulfing the country which has forced a family of three (headed by Joel Edgerton) to hide in the wilderness, venturing outdoors only by day and wearing gas masks.

They allow an uninfected family to enter their refuge, but instantly deliberate, how well do they know these people and can they be trusted?

This clever psychological thriller, which is astutely directed and enhanced by imaginative ‘fear evoking camera work’, is suspenseful and momentum builds slowly, successfully targeting the audience’s anticipation of something terrifying to occur at every turn.

The success of this film is that it’s never disclosed what ‘It’ is or how the sickness is passed on. This intensifies the mystery and audiences will live the fear these people are experiencing.

Ultimately the film explores the ideology of which is the lesser of two evils?  The undisclosed virus which permeates the outdoors or the devilish occurrences which eventuate, justifiably spawned by paranoia and the desperate need for survival? (MMo)


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