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In Hearts Wake

Photo: Ellie Mitchell

With the release of their latest album, Ark, Byron Bay band In Hearts Wake completed their trinity of albums celebrating the environment and its three major elements. Kicking off the trilogy was Earthwalker which celebrated the land, that record was then followed up by Skydancer celebrating the air and now we have Ark which is focused on our waterways.

When asked to explain why the band had chosen to go down this path exploring deep underlying but vitally important messages Jake Taylor told City Hub, “When we put so much time and effort into making a song we want to make sure it’s got depth and substance to it, so that’s why there are so many things hidden within them.”

For every record In Hearts Wake release they attempt to also create a complementary community environmental initiative. So for Earthwalker they ran a campaign where they planted trees with fans and for Ark they’ve teamed up with Tangaroa Blue for the We Are Waterborne Initiative.

“We’re cleaning up waterways around Australia in the hope of showing others that it’s not easy but that anyone can do it.” said Jake. “Hopefully by doing this we can help the planet whilst also spreading our message far and wide.”

We asked Jake what he would say to the leaders of Australia if he had the opportunity to speak to them about the environment and his answer was incredibly straight forward.

“Pushing towards a sustainable future might not be the most profitable solution but what good is money if you’ve got no planet to spend it on?”

Growing up and living in Byron Bay certainly factored into the bands love for the environment. Unfortunately they don’t get as much time as they would all like to get out in nature due to their touring schedule, which can see them travelling up to nine months out of the year.

“When we get days off we like to just hang out in parks, go surfing or go hiking in search of hidden waterfalls because that’s where we all feel the most at peace.”

This weekend the band will be playing in Sydney as part of their only Australian headline tour of the year. With that factor in mind Jake explained that this show is “going to deliver something on a scale like we’ve never done before.”

Jul 14, 7pm. Enmore Theatre, 118-132 Enmore Rd, Newtown. $55+b.f. Tickets & Info:

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