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1864 (Denmark) – Based on actual events this ambitious historical drama follows the lives of two brothers, Laust and Peter Jensen, from childhood when they befriend a girl named Inge until early adulthood when they join the army and fight for Denmark in the second Schleswig war.

A love triangle evolves which leads to sibling rivalry as they fight for their country and more importantly their lives. This sweeping tale of love in turbulent times stars Norwegian actor Jakob Oftebro who was a guest at last year’s festival. This theatrical cut of one of the most popular Danish series ever made should prove to be an instant hit at the festival.

Magnus (Norway) – This documentary explores the fascinating story of Magnus Carlsen, a Brainiac who from a tender age was able to solve analytical problems and eventually became the world chess champion in 2013. A self-confessed introvert who said he would never play the perfect game, was labelled the ‘Mozart of chess’ and it was claimed he had a talent that came from another universe.

Family films, interviews and footage of tournaments showcase his rise to the top when he was ultimately named one of the 100 most influential people in the world by Time Magazine.

Heartstone (Iceland) – This coming of age drama about a group of friends growing up in a lazy Icelandic seaside town has garnered an astonishing 26 international awards. The film centres on the close friendship between Christian and Thor, two teenage boys who are dealing with girls, first love, puberty, and their sexual awakening. Christian is confused over his sexual identity, fighting the strange feelings he has for his companion which ultimately lead to tragedy.

This bold and topical story of self-discovery with homosexual themes is filmed in the engulfing beauty of Icelandic landscapes and realistically captures the complexities of adolescence. (MMo)

Jul 11–Aug 2. Palace Norton Street & Palace Verona. $21.50 – $130 (10 film pass). Tickets & Info:

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