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Have your say about the Bay precinct upgrade

An urgent meeting has been called for residents to have their say about the impacts of the impending Fish Market upgrade. Credit: Wikimedia commons



As apprehension builds around the impending Sydney Fish Market redevelopment, local residents are becoming increasingly worried about the impacts it will have on their beloved green space and waterside views, not to mention the quietude of residential areas.


The Sydney Fish Market will be moved and upgraded next year, which is a welcome facelift to this iconic cultural attraction.


But the vacant lot that will be left behind could already be home to plans to build a new high-rise apartment block that could potentially house almost 6000 new residents. This figure is one touted by UrbanGrowth NSW themselves in past correspondence to the Department of Education – and when City Hub questioned them on it last week, they claimed it was not “confirmed” and was yet to be decided upon.


This shows that community pressure can make big developers question their greedy, money-driven plans and be forced to wind back potentially harmful designs.


Community advocate groups are extremely worried about the lack of consultation from the government, who are ploughing ahead with plans to start construction on the new apartment block next year. Though residents have been sent letters informing them of certain changes that will take place in the area, they have not been invited to contribute to any actual designs.


The community is urged to support action to get more local input on this multi-million dollar government project which will potentially increase the population in the Ultimo/Pyrmont area by 40% – and we all know how congested the area is already. How will we cope with almost twice the number of people there are now, without some serious consideration given to alleviating traffic jams and improving public transport? Where will the children of the future go to school? Where will there be parks for them to play in, and walk their dogs?


Have your say next week- support this urgent public meeting where you could make the difference to the future of our community.

City Hub was contacted by UrbanGrowth NSW after the publication of this article. A spokesperson said “UrbanGrowth will soon start community consultation on a masterplan for the area. Construction of the new Sydney Fish Market is expected to commence late next year. No apartments will be constructed next year.”

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