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Dry Land

Patricia Pemberton & Sarah Meacham. PHOTO - MICHAEL BOOTH

Dry Land spotlights women in the lead with a story about friendship and the struggles of adolescence. Written by Ruby Rae Spiegel when she was 21, this American play hits the stage at the Kings Cross Theatre for its Australian Premiere, presented by Outhouse Theatre Company and Mad March Hare.

Set in the high school locker room of two aspiring swimmers Amy and Ester, the play traverses concepts surrounding fear, sexuality and growing up.

Sarah Meacham, who plays Ester, has enjoyed sinking into a body of work which gives a rounded and three dimensional perspective on young women.

“Ruby gives such density and complexity to these young women which is so honest and fresh.” she said.

The play touches on the territory of DIY abortion but is as much about change, independence and the universal challenges faced by young adults as it is about a specific situation.

“I think audiences should expect to be uncomfortable in a necessary way.” Meacham said.

“They’re going to have this weird feeling of wanting to jump on stage and stand next to the actors because when you see someone so vulnerable, you just want to be with them.”

“But at the same time I’m sure audiences will be thinking about how close the exit is. And I think the fact that they feel both of those feelings is so important.”

Dry Land dips into conversations that we might naturally shy away from. It is a play about young women attempting to find their feet, and about the bond between two friends who have found each other in circumstances where they need each other the most.

“There’s also this beautiful lightness in the humour to the whole script. And that freshness is such a breath throughout the whole play.” Meacham said.

Until Aug 19. Kings X Theatre. 2/244–248 William St, Kings Cross. $25- $35. Tickets & Info:

By Shon Ho

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