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Between Worlds Musical

The name Captain James Cook often generates passionate debate but a new musical entitled Between Worlds tells the non-controversial and entertaining story of Cook’s last few weeks in his third and final expedition of 1779 to Hawaii. The musical reveals how Cook was mistakenly identified by the indigenous people as the God “Leno” but then died in a brawl only a month after arriving in the islands.

Between Worlds has been ten years in the making and will be presented as a staged workshop performance that has gone through some radical changes during its development. City Hub asked director Jason Langley what the musical revealed about Captain Cook’s character.

“In Australia we have a primary school knowledge generally of Captain Cook, we know about Botany Bay but we don’t know much beyond that. He had three huge voyages in his life, after his second voyage he retired and went on to live out his days with his wife but for some reason (he didn’t need more fame or money) he went off and did a third voyage and it was the third voyage that took him up the arctic and took him to Hawaii.”

Between Worlds explores Cook’s love and interest towards Polynesian culture and the deep bond he made with a man named Tupaia who taught Cook how to navigate spiritually much to the disbelief of the royal navy. This musical is an imaginative tale that aims to entertain audiences with a captivating look at the last few weeks of Captain Cook’s life. Its well worth seeing for yourself.

Jul 15-16. Australian Theatre for Young People, Pier 4/5 Hickson Road, Walsh Bay. $25. Tickets & Info:

By Daniel Jaramillo.

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