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Belinda Fox – Tilt

Instability, fragility and turbulence.

These three words do more than just describe the physicality of ceramics utilised in this upcoming exhibition. They provide a uniquely physical experience of the social and political conflict inherent to the current global refugee crisis. The ceramics, amongst other artistic mediums, creates space for the viewer to quietly meditate on the ideas and experiences which have informed the installation.

Tilt is an exhibition by Belinda Fox in collaboration with Neville French. The series of ceramics, digital media and works on paper within the exhibition began as a conversation about current media reporting on the refugee crisis. As an increasingly globalised society where the struggles of these people have become increasingly apparent in our collective consciousness, it is vital to provide spaces where compassionate and empathetic conversations may take place.

“It is a quiet show. The beauty and tragedy is heightened. I hope to make us stop and really think” Fox said.

Drawing from a harrowing photograph depicting a sinking refugee boat in Lesbos, Fox has aimed to create a collection of delicate multi-layered works which focus on the silent suffering of these desperate people.

Fox invites you to, “really feel this situation as a human, for one second to put yourself in this sinking boat… holding on by a thread.”

However, the exhibition avoids prescribing fixed responses. This sense of neutrality is informed by the aesthetic allure of the works. The viewer must forge their own reply to this highly politicised and divisive issue. It gently asks for a quiet discussion about our collective way forward as a thoughtful people.

“The world is tipping” says Fox, “Do you feel it? Which way will it fall?”

Jul 14-Sep 3, 10am- 5pm. Manly Art Gallery & Museum, 1 West Esplanade & Commonwealth Parade, Manly. FREE.

Oct 10- 12, 9:30am- 6pm. Arthouse Gallery, 66 McLachlan Avenue, Rushcutters Bay. FREE.

By Ellouise Bailey.