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The International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes

Fancy yourself as a super-sleuth? Step into the shoes of Sherlock Holmes and step back into late Victorian London to solve this entirely immersive and interactive mystery. Visit the study of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, doctor turned author and man behind the legend. Be transported to 221B Baker Street, where Holmes and Watson would discuss the mystery and put some of their theories to the test. You’re now ready for the crime scene, where a room has been upturned, there is a blood spatter and a firearm has been discharged. The police think it is self-inflicted but you suspect otherwise. A bust of Napoleon has been shattered and there is a suspiciously half-burned matchbox with a seedpod. Now it’s time to test your investigative skills.

Fresh from a premier tour of North America, the International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes arrives at the Powerhouse Museum and Australian curator Damian McDonald totally gets the fascination. “It’s only since we’ve been preparing for this exhibition that I’ve discovered how cool it is”, says McDonald. Destined to be a hit with the “Sherlockians” or “The Irregulars” as they call themselves, the widespread popular appeal is likely to be even greater. “Sherlock Holmes is the first series of detective stories where the emphasis was on solving the mystery”, says McDonald, “It’s human nature for people to watch and work out mysteries”.

Combining a bit of History, literature, pop-culture and some of the cutting-edge science of the day – it’s really all about solving the crime. “I won’t spoil what the mystery is”, says McDonald, “It’s not that easy to solve but it’s lots of fun.”

Until Oct 29. Powerhouse Museum, 500 Harris Street, Ultimo. $16-$65. Tickets & Info:

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