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Scarlett Johansson takes a role outside of her comfort zone, in this wild comedy which centres on a group of five women who reunite for a disastrous bachelorette-party-from-hell weekend.

The hilarity commences from the onset and escalates when one of the ‘lethally horny’ women accidentally kills a hired stripper – or does she?

A crude overload of toilet humour further fuelled by endless ‘just below the belt’ gags which leave nothing to the imagination, should not disappoint movie-goers who enjoy films of this genre.

Nothing is sacred as these wild and zany women become involved in the usual stereotyped comedic scenarios involving drugs, sex and booze. Even Australia’s very own Vegemite rates a mention!

Demi Moore makes a surprise appearance in a supporting role as an over-sexed neighbour who has her ‘deliciously evil’ way with one of the unsuspecting women in a scene which audiences won’t soon forget.

The plot thickens in the second half where themes of true friendship and the effects of withholding secrets are explored in a surprisingly semi-intelligent style.

Rough Night is a hell of a fun ride which will have audiences laughing-out-loud. (MMo)



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