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Review: Sunset Strip

Griffith Theatre Company presents Sunset Strip, written by multi-award winning playwright Suzie Miller.

Sunset Strip is a gripping 90 minutes of raw and intense emotional expression. It’s a transitory journey into the realities of life, love, family and dysfunction with a strong and robust Australian voice.

“Sheer beauty doesn’t last. Nothing like that is real. It’s not perfection anymore. It’s life,” laments Teddy, played by Simon Lyndon. Such moments reflect Miller’s use of dialogue to explore life and loss as well as survival throughout the play. Miller’s script is a raw narrative exploration of human endurance that plays with metaphors of vanishing and fleeting life.

A dried up lake, a mind lost to dementia and an optimistic will to hold onto the fading memories of the past.

The intimate atmosphere of the Stables Theatre contributes to the intensity of the performance. Powerful scene transitions through the use of dramatic lighting and sound design contribute to a sense of inclusion within the performance. You can gauge the audience’s involvement with and at times, discomfort with being so close to the characters. Arrays of emotions are squeezed from the audience when brief moments of humour are blended with raw emotional exposition. Miller’s script gets to the grit of cathartic expression.

‘I was sick of seeing so many women as the mother, the wife or the lover. Where are the women leading? I want to see women leading!’ said Miller.

Miller certainly tackles strong female characterisation and places their narratives at the forefront of this performance. Femininity and sexuality within the context of breast cancer survival, drug addiction and motherhood are all thematically explored. Both Emma Jackson and Georgie Symes are completely committed to their characters throughout the performance, with an additional special mention to Lex Marinos’ full embodiment of character.

Sunset Strip will have you laughing and crying within the space of two fleeting moments.

Until Jul 1, Mon-Sun 7pm, Sat June 24 & July 1 2pm & 7pm. SBW Stables Theatre, 10 Nimrod Street, Kings Cross. $30-38. Tickets & info: or PH: 9361 3817

Reviewed by Ellouise Bailey.

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